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Sunday, February 19, 2012

While we were on our New England road trip last fall (which I still haven't told you about!), we visited my dear friend Susan MacKay, of MacKay & Field Antiques, in her fabulous 18th century home in Connecticut. Susan has two wonderful dogs, a Golden Retriever named Meg, and a small terrier mix named Pippa. Susan has also shared her home with a wax figure of General Lafayette for years. While we were visiting with Susan, Meg and Pippa, we were enchanted to see Meg take her tennis ball to the General and ask him to play! Susan said that Meg has asked the General to play ever since she joined the household in 2009. To the left is a photo of Meg trying to lay her ball in the General's lap. When he refused to acknowledge her, Meg laid the ball next the the General's hand and stepped back waiting for him to pick it up. Below is Meg's ball laying next to the General's hand when she got tired of waiting for him and left.

Susan says that Meg, who loves to swim in a swimming hole on their property, has always wished the General would join her in a swim.  Meg pictures him showing up at the pond wearing only his Speedo!  Meg was adopted from Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue.  Susan set up a beautiful memorial page at the rescue's website for her longtime best friend and companion, Peter Field, and their wolfhound, Jakie, which features Meg and Pete.  If you can bring a dog into your home, Meg is a wonderful testament to a million reasons to adopt a dog from a rescue group or shelter.

Susan has decided that it is time for the General to find a new home.  You can find him on her wonderful website at MacKay and Field Antiques.  (Meg, however, is staying with Susan.)  A link to her website is always handy on my Antiques Links page.  I've always used this blog page for non-antique items, but this shameless plug for my good friend's website is too good to pass up now that I have a photo of Meg and the General to share with you!  Check out the photo of Susan's fabulous home below.