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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm sorry for all of you non-Southerners because Spring has sprung in Houston. It's orchid time again in the McClard-Segotta backyard. This winter was another cold one for us and I'm not sure how much of the garden or the orchids (which spent more than 2 months in the garage) but the lovely vanda to the left bloomed the entire winter in the garage and had 3 active flower spikes when put back outdoors. (And, yes, this is last year's photograph of the same plant....I'm too lazy to get out there and photograph it again.)

We will be planting our heirloom tomatoes into the ground this weekend. We bought the plants one freezing Saturday morning in February on our big "Heirloom Tomato Day" at a local nursery which brings out some tomato farmers once a year to sell to us. They have been growing in pots and this weekend I'm taking the plunge and planting them in the ground.....and keeping my fingers crossed that forecasts for a warm March in the South are correct! For all of you jealous people still up to snow and freezing temps, take comfort in the fact that by June, it will be too hot to walk out of our houses!