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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've been towing the line since my second kneecap repair in June. I'm finally allowed to bend my knee just a's been extended since March 13 when I suffered that stupid fall in my house that broke my right kneecap, my left ankle and another bone in my right foot. Who would have ever thought I could get so banged up falling down three steps in my own house! And, the steps have been in the same place since we moved into this house 15 years would think I'd know where they are by now! Anyway, after the first surgical repair not working, we are in great hopes that this last one (which included a bone graft from my hip area) will be the keeper. I'm just starting to climb the stairs to the shop and take photos of inventory. I'll be uploading some new items tomorrow and starting the (very late) Summer Sale which you guys seem to like so much.

In the meantime, here are a few photos of my funny Sheltie, Mandy, enjoying life in a pillow case. As you might recall (scroll down if you need a reminder), Mandy loves to play dress up. She should have grown up with a 6 year old girl to dress her daily, but she is stuck with Randy, me, and the rest of the Pack (the Pack doesn't really help with dressing her up). Randy has discovered a new type of "dress up" with seems to make Mandy quite content. When we change bedsheets, Randy puts Mandy in one of the pillowcases coming off the bed....and lets her hang around in it. She loves it!