Trio of Antique 17th Century Bulbous Based Pewter Candlesticks.
  • Everyone always loves these hard to find 17th century bulbous-based pewter candlesticks from Portugal!  They have a place in every collection of Americana, pewter and early lighting.  This trio is 5" tall and make a collection all in themselves!  They are in extremely good condition for being over 350 years old!  If you look really closely at them, they each have a well-done repair at the waist.  The patina is a soft grey...just like you want them.  The bases are they should be.  I paid a lot to be able to offer them to please don't ask for a discount.  I have as small a mark-up as I can manage and they are a reasonable price for 3 matched circa 1650 pewter candlesticks!  I will say that I've always seen these identified as Portuguese in all reference books but I saw a pair in the Victoria & Albert Museum labeled "Iberian".  Iberia is the peninsula on which Spain & Portugal lie.

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