Antique Pewter 9 Flagon with Great Style
  • Late 18th to early 19th century 9" flagon with great shape, cast shell thumbpiece, applied pistol grip.  nt thumbpiece. Spout, shell thumbpiece, pistol grip handle. Touchmarks  on the bottom are 1) Crown with "E.W.D.". Crown is top of a larger mark that includes at least one bird. 2) 3 Middle Eastern looking buildings over "E W D".  I have not identified the pewterer.   It is in fair condition with a through-and-through crack in the lid above the hinge and all over color difference.  The thumbpiece is bent forward and I'm afraid to try and straighten it because the lid is already weakened by the crack.  The bottom has a slight warp.  Price is excellent even with the apologies.  Likely Dutch.  Circa 1800 or earlier.

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