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Antique Treen Miniature Shoe Snuff Box with Pique & Inlaid Decoration
  • I have always loved shoe-shaped snuff boxes and was delighted to find three miniature boxes at a house-call for the sale of a local estate of a longtime collector (see last photo for all three).  This little beauty is mahogany treen (at least I think it is mahogany) with a slide top, inlaid wood and pique decoration with brass pins.  It is a really fine piece, one of my current favorites.  It measures a mere 3" long x 1 1/4" tall x 5/8" at the widest.  I've shown it with a quarter for size perspective.  The heel shows some widening with the grain and, as I found by looking at the enlarged photo below, one of those hairline cracks along the grain seems to have caused a tiny chip at the heel.  I really didn't even notice this while I inspected it under strong lights.  It is just really a fine little piece that should look good on any table or shelf.  Circa 1800-1830.  French (although these are generally sold as English).  I am offering all three of these shoe snuff boxes at very reasonable prices.

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