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Antique Redware Food Molds
  • Three beautiful American redware food molds from the last half of the 19th century. All have great color, are in wonderful condition, and have age-appropriate wear. "A" a Turk's head cake mold, 9 1/2" in diameter, and has a few utilitarian chips around the outside edge that are expected in redware. Great manganese sponged decoration.

    "B" is a desirable small Turk's head mold. This one is only 6 7/8" in diameter, has beautiful manganese drip decoration over sponged copper glaze leaving that distinctive green splotched coloration that redware collectors seek. It has appropriate, slightly rough edge wear.

    "C" is a simply gorgeous food mold measuring 6 3/4" diameter with brushed brown glaze decoration at the edge. Very unusual shape and really lovely condition.

    All have great age-affirming wear to the bottom.

    (#2338, 2338, 2340)     Sold