Paint Decoration

Antique Paint Decorated Flax Scutching Knife Dated 1833
  • An 1833 paint decorated flax scutching knife.  It is dated 1833 with a monogram that is illegible (to me anyway).  This is purportedly Pennsylvania German although most of these paint decorated scutching knives were Swedish.  The Swedish and German communities in Pennsylvania grew alongside of each other, so it could be American.  The decoration is not quite as elaborate as Swedish rosemaling (so may be Penn German) but it is stunning.  If I was a wood person and I could tell what kind of wood it is, I could probably give you a better opinion on whether it is American or Continental—but I know my limitations and lack of ability to read wood is one of those limitations.  Oxidized green background with red flowers and black, green, red floral border.

    The knife has been broken horizontally and repaired with paint touch-ups.  It displays wonderfully.   22" long x 6 1/4" at widest.  The wood is very thinly cut.  The reverse has remnants of old jelly label collection tag.

    (#548)    Sold