Early Lighting

Mid-18th Century Iron Tripod Double-Armed Candlestand
  • Offered is a really lovely tall, double-cupped tripod candlestand or candleholder that will look spectacular in your home. I’ve had it for a long time because I don’t really have a good set up to photograph large pieces….so please excuse my photos, which aren’t great and don’t do this piece justice.

    The iron candlestand stands 60" tall, the arm is about 17 1/4" from the edge of one flared candlecup to the other, and the tripod base is about 15" at the widest point. It has penny feet. Here is what I've discovered with sitting next to, underneath, over the candlestand, photographing it in detail and enlarging the photos. The candlestand is 18th century....I would say 1730-1750. I’ve found that the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has a similar piece made by Boston gunsmith, Benjamin Gerrish and dated 1736.

    It is mostly wrought iron but the ferrules (rings around the slender shaft to support it) are cast iron. I think you can see where the two pieces of the middle rod screw together--but it is right above the mushroom of the middle ferrule. I have not unscrewed it. The arm does not go down further than you see it in the full length photo because the middle rod gets bigger at that point. It can be adjusted higher, but no lower.

    It will have to be professionally packed (by FedEx Office if they can do it) and the cost of packing and shipping will be whatever it is. Sorry for this one, but it is just too tall for me to handle the packing. 

    This is a really great piece of lighting…..likely American.

    (#4989) Sold

    Reference: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, online collection at http://www.mfa.org/collections/object/standing-iron-candlestand-38768