Antique American Hollow Cut Silhouette of Young Woman in Gilt Sully Frame
  • American hollow cut silhouette in which the cutting is the star.  This anonymous artist felt obviously realized that the wonderful cutting for the young woman's hair made it unnecessary to add further embellishment.  The lovely young lady wears her curly hair high atop her hair where it is held in place with a small hair comb.  The hair above her forehead is tightly curled as is the hair pulled up directly below her hair comb.  The simple bust termination adds to the understated elegance of this early 19th century profile.  The silhouette is perfectly set off in its period (but not original) wide gilt Sully-type frame which measures 6 1/2" x 7 1/2".  The frame has some bumps around the edges as you can see in the photos.  I dearly love the way the red bole beneath the gilding peaks through the gentle wear to the widest part of the frame.  The frame hangs by an early brass hanging loop.  The fact that the loop itself is a bit misshapen adds to the charm of the silhouette.  Circa 1820.

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    Published: Page, Melinda, "What to Collect Now: Silhouettes", Country Living Magazine, June 2014, 39-42.