Antique American Silhouette with Eglomise Glass
  • Very nice American hollow cut silhouette that shows the classic American style.  This is a simple, clean style and quite well-executed.  The lady wears her hair in an 1820s style with a knot high on her head, but of a lower style than the Apollo knots of the next decade.  Her hair comb sits high on her head to hold her hair knot in place.  She wears a ruffled neckline that was also very popular in the 1820s.  She resides in what is possibly the original brass over wood oval frame with a really nicely done verre églomisé glass mat.  There is a small scratch on the early blackened backing paper at the back of her ruffed collar and a slight tear at the front point of the bust-line termination (likely where the silhouettist inserted his/her scissors).  There is also a small brown stain just under the gilding of the églomisé at about 12:30.  The black paint on the églomisé glass mat has suffered expected losses which is well camaflouged with a black paper that has been cut to fit behind it.  The period brass frame measures 7" x 5 1/2", has a brass hanging loop and the original wood backing.  Someone had oddly glued the wood back into the frame with something like rubber cement.  I took it apart, cleaned out the glue to the best of my ability, inserted archival materials and replaced the backing with small nails.  A nice addition or beginning to any silhouette collection, made even better with the very well executed églomisé.

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    This silhouette was used on the HGTV series High Low with Sabrina Soto for a dining room makeover.  See last photo below.