Antique Watercolor Portrait of Lovely Lady with Extravagant Hairstyle. Circa 1820
  • Sensitive 19th century watercolor on thick paper portrait of a lovely lady with an extravagant hairdo.  This pretty lady gazes into the distance with blue eyes.  Standing high on her head is a braided knot of hair.  To the front of her head, her hair is parted in the middle and pulled straight to clusters of tight ringlet curls that stand far away from the side of her face and are curled both vertically and horizontally.  I assume the very tall Apollo knot is held in place with a high hair comb, but we cannot see in the portrait.  She wears a wine-colored dress with a low straight neckline that sits at the very tip of her shoulders.  It has a draped bodice, cinched at the natural waistline by a sash.  The sleeves are short and puffed.  A blue scarf hangs loosely from her neck and creates a beautiful color combination with the burgundy of her dress.  Around her neck, she wears a long, triple wrapped black beaded necklace with a center medallion (possibly a hair receptacle).  A cross hangs below the medallion.  From her earlobes drop long black earrings.  The blue background is accentuated with clouds.  In a period gilt frame that measures 4 1/2" x 4".  Circa 1820.

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