About Peggy

I have been collecting, buying and selling antiques from Houston, Texas for more than 30 years. I carefully research almost every item that passes through my hands and provide you with as much information as possible, including artist biographies, sitter genealogy information, and references to books and museum collections that will help you understand and appreciate the items purchased. I retired from the practice of law to devote my time and energy in being the best antiques consultant I can be. I look for every opportunity to increase my knowledge and graduated from the Winterthur Winter Forum. I provide consultation to major auction houses and museums with regard to antique silhouettes. I have given educational lectures to museum docents, antiques study groups, dealer associations, appraisers, and other groups from Texas to Maine. I have been interviewed and quoted in, and provided photographs of my collection and inventory for numerous nationally distributed magazines in both the U.S. and the U.K., trade journals, books, major auction house catalogs, and online educational websites. I started business in a brick & mortar shop in Houston and exhibited at respected antiques shows starting in the 1980s. I designed and have been responsible for every aspect of this website since 2004. I fully guarantee my inventory to be as represented.

I promise to keep this website filled with fresh inventory at affordable prices. I will always have items to help you build a new collection or add to an established, serious collection. I buy the best items I can and offer them to you at affordable prices. I offer consultation services in building your collection. You will always find the largest collection of authentic antique silhouettes for sale and the best educational information about period silhouettes here!

I remove prices from item listings once you have committed to buying them and remove photos of items that I have sold to you within 30 days of completing the sale. I believe that your privacy is more important than touting those items I have sold in the past. I will sometimes use my copyrighted photos of sold items for educational purposes or as part of my greeting card collections, but never to promote the fact that I once sold something that you now own. If you would like to have the photo of your item removed prior to my regular website update, please let me know. However, it is important for you to know that I retain the copyright to all images and may use those images in later publications. As an honor to you, images used in greeting cards will include an attribution to your collection unless you prefer otherwise.

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  • Contact Peggy for More Antique Information

    Please contact Peggy for more detailed photos, condition reports, shipping information, and return policy.  Or just tell her what you like to collect so she can be on the look out for it. Peggy hopes you will keep her in mind when you are ready to purchase something fun (like an antique silhouette or antique portrait....or some other type of early folk art)!

    Peggy is always interested in buying single items or full collections of items of the same type and quality as what you find on this website.  Peggy does not do monetary appraisals because her legal and business training leads her to believe there is a serious conflict of interest when an antique dealer who might be interested in buying a piece tells someone what the piece is "worth".  Certified appraisers are qualified to give you a monetary appraisal.  Antique dealers may be qualified but should conflict out of giving the same monetary appraisal.

    Peggy is available for lectures and guidance in building your collection.  She is also available for consultation with museums, auction houses and appraisers.


Please note that due to an enormous number of fraudulent money orders in circulation, my bank routinely holds funds from all money order deposits for at least 45 days as the bank awaits payment. Because of this absurdly long hold, I no longer take money orders--this includes U.S. Postal Service money orders.

Please click here for my liberal Return Policy.