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Monday, May 30, 2011
Memorial Day

It's hot as the blazes and drier than it has been since the 1940s but we are having a small tomato and eggplant harvest. You can see some of our harvest in the accompanying photos. We are loving the darker purple ones (Black Krim) the best. Unfortunately that seems to be the favorite of the squirrels also and we've gotten to taste precious few of them. The small yellow-white tomatoes are White Ghost. They are a bit strange because they are extremely soft and weird to the touch....but very tasty. The cherry tomato is Riesentrub. Not the most flavorful cherry tomato we've tasted...but that might be because of the dry conditions. We've had a couple of the varieties Abraham Lincoln and Mortgage Lifter....but those plants have not been big producers and the squirrels have robbed us of most of them. I have two Oxacan Jewel fruits on the plant. That is my favorite but the squirrels have gotten all but those last two and I'm watching them closely in hopes we get at least one. I've cradled the biggest fruit inside of a lingerie washing bag in hopes the squirrels can't see it! The heaviest harvest has been the bell pepper shaped striped tomato that you see all over the plate. We don't know what they are because the plant was marked Yellow Pear....the fruit is neither yellow nor pear shaped and I grow Yellow Pear every year so I know these aren't that variety. We aren't particularly fond of these striped guys. They look like a bell pepper on the inside also.....empty walls with all of the seeds and jelly surrounding the core. More flavorful than a store-bought tomato...but not what I want taking up my precious garden space. One good thing is.....the squirrels don't particularly care for them either!