Antique Pewter Candlestick of Unusual Form, 18th Century
  • Lovely and very unusual form pewter candlestick with knopped body and drip pan. The body is shaped almost like bamboo turnings found on some Windsor furniture. It has 3 knops in the body, a round stepped foot and a small drip pan under a tulip-shaped candlecup. The middle of the base has a touchmark of a winged angel with letters “K” and “R” at the left and right and two letters or numbers in between that I cannot make out. This may have been a pricket stick on which the pricket was replaced with a candlecup when styles changed in the late 18th century. It stands 9" tall with a 4 3/4" diameter base. The candlestick is probably German or Central Europe, mid to late 18th century.

    #5940    $225

    Provenance: Longtime Texas Collection