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Antique Make Do Flint Glass Camphene Lamp from Collection of Peggy McClard
  • Today I'm listing a collection of make do items from the Collection of the late Robert Thayer and some from my collection.  I buy make do items because of my love of make do--I would not necessarily acquire a piece of porcelain or glass serving piece without the make do because they are not usually in my area of interest.  And I warn you up front, that I'm in the fast and furious listing stage of presenting things for your holiday shopping, so photos have been taken and edited quickly and descriptions will be shorter than usual with less research done.  Ask questions if I've forgotten to tell you something about condition and please share information about these porcelain items because I just don't have time to research and porcelain is not my strong point.  If I research it, the price will have to go up......please share knowledge that you have.

    I've always loved the early repaired pieces that show us how precious things were to our ancestors.  We are always accused of being a throw-away society (and I agree with that accusation) but the ultimate in green living is to waste not, want not.  When something broke, our ancestors fixed it or repurposed it into something usable.

    This make do has been in my collection for years.  I love these early make do lighting pieces.  This is an early 19th century hand-blown whale oil lamp with a lovely, very ovoid shape and lots of bubbles.  The base was obviously broken so a tinsmith fashioned a new base almost the shape of a witch's hat.  The lamp sits just a little wonky in the base.  The burner is long gone but it is a wonderful make do.  See a similar lamp in Waste Not Want Not at 32.  6" tall x 4 1/2" diameter of base.  Lamp is circa first quarter 19th century.  Make do repair likely last half 19th century.

    (#525)     Sale Pending

    Provenance:  Collection of Peggy McClard

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